Traders who attended WMMS 2015 were:-

7th Heaven Crafts
Ainsty Castings
Anita Books Website
Ancient & Modern
Baccus 6mm
Barwell Bodyworks
Black Pyramid Gaming
Caliver Books Website
Clockwork Goblin
Coritani/Magnetic Displays Website
Curteys Miniatures
Donnington Miniatures
Eagle Figures
Empress Miniatures
First Corps
Figures In Comfort
Games Of War
Gideon Miniatures
Grubby Tanks Website
Ironclad Miniatures Website
Kallistra Website
Lancashire Games Website
Lanchester Books
Last Valley
Lesley's Bits Box
Madhouse Miniatures
Magic Geek
Magister Militum Website
M.A.N. Models
Model Display Products
Monarch Military Books Website
Parabellum Website
Paul Meekins Books Website
Pendraken Website
Perry (Dave Thomas)
Peter Pig Website
PE2 Collectables
PRODOS Games Ltd
Products For Wargamers Website
Rapier Miniatures
Redoubt Enterprises
Sergeants Mess Website
Stafford Games Website
Studio Miniatures
Tiger Miniatures Website
Timeline Miniatures
Tumbling Dice Website
Warlord Games Website
Wargames Emporium E-mail

This list was last updated 18th August 2015.

If you need specific products please check direct
with the traders for stock taken to shows.