Traders who attended WMMS 2019 were:-

Affinity Models
Art Of War Shirts
Anita Books Website
ABC Brushes
Bicorne Miniatures Website
Charlie Foxtrot Models Website
Christopher Morris
Colonel Bills
Coritani/Magnetic Displays Website
Eagle Figures
Firepower Games
Grubby Tanks Website
Helion & Co
Ironclad Miniatures Website
Kallistra Ltd Website
Magic Geek
Magister Militum Website
Monarch Tabletop Games
Newline Design
Parabellum Website
PE2 Collectables
Pendraken Website
Peter Pig Website
Products For Wargamers Website
Rapier Miniatures
Sarrisa Precision
SHQ Miniatures Website
Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop
The Pit Wargaming Shop
Tiger Miniatures Website
Tolkeen Enterprises
Tumbling Dice Website

This list was last updated 3rd February 2019.

If you need specific products please check direct
with the traders for stock taken to shows.